Alex [director]

Alex is one of the founders of the Repo! cast and currently wears the director pants. An Ottawa native, he moved to Toronto to pursue creative things. Along with running the shadow cast, Alex is also a filmmaker, prop-maker and erotic photographer. He is a self-proclaimed geek with a large comic book collection, a brain filled with random trivia and an even more massive addiction to collecting vinyl toys. He is usually found at home with his wife and fellow Cat, Kim, taking photos of scantilly clad ladies and casting boobs in resin. He is also a poutine connoisseur.


Amie first found her footing in acting in a high school production of Grease and has since found herself addicted to the stage (Addicted to the stage? Addicted to the stage!), and subsequently performed in two other musicals. She has further doomed herself by enrolling in Theatre Studies at York University in hopes of one day becoming a director. Most of her downtime is spent singing along to Broadway soundtracks, picking up and abandoning various writing projects, as well as lurking about on the interwebs.


Of all the things that have happened in Bre's life, nudity seems to be turning out to be the one constant. From running around as a child in nothing but finger paint, to now having (at least mostly) grown out of the need to paint smiley faces on herself whilst being naked, she seemed to surprise no one close to her by continuing to find new and exciting ways to, somehow, wind up in the nude. As a recovering hardcore goth, trained light-opera singer, full-time student, freelance Alternative Model, erstwhile makeup artist, clothing designer, lover of all things horror, and nerd on top of that, she's given up whatever chance she had of actually getting some sleep to join up as the newest member of the Shadow Cats. Note that her hair changes so often that her headshot was probably already outdated by the time the picture had been taken

Bri [assistant director]

Since the age of nine, Bri has been at home on the stage. Her family, many of whom are performers themselves, have always encouraged her natural acting talents. She has gone on to study at the University of Windsor (BFA Acting) and the Moscow Art Theatre School. Her flair for performance and love of the bizarre brought her to the Shadow Cats, and the rest is history.


Charlie is a Toronto based filmmaker, writer, full-time geek and cinephile. He works as a Public Relations Manager for the Toronto Underground Cinema, the dream job for any film geek. He's honoured to be considered a part of the Repo! Shadow Cats when really all he does is mess around on stage and die humorously. He is not exactly sure how he joined, all he remembers was that one month he was told, "by the way, you're in next month's show. Show up at rehearsal." He's shown up every month since, and no one has told him to stop yet. Before joining Repo!, he performed in the critically acclaimed Jurassic Park shadow cast (at least it would have been if any critics came to see it). He tries to see what new and exciting ways he can hurt himself on stage each month.


Christine is no stranger to shadow casting. Along with performing for the Repo! cast, she can also be seen playing Brad or Rocky in the Toronto Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast, Excited Mental State. When not performing half-naked on stage, she works at a sex store providing plastic genitalia to the good people of Toronto.


Elly first got into Repo! due to her never-ending love for all things Joss Whedon and her need to see what Giles was doing after Buffy ended. When not being a harmless student, she is trying to take over the world and is confident that her doomsday device will work any day now.


Elyssia, hailing from some small town in British Colombia, first fell in love with Repo! when she accidentally stumbled upon it at the Cinemas on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver. Determined to spend vast quantities of money on her post-secondary education, she moved to Toronto for University shortly thereafter. She has done some other stage stuff, but is very excited about losing her shadow casting virginity to the Shadow Cats.


Emily is a 13th-Century Welsh demon imprisoned by a wizard and is now confined in human form to the geographical borders of the North York. It is a voracious consumer of contemporary horror films, heavy metal and chili. It very much also likes Batman comics, books by Christopher Moore and Chuck Palahniuk and writing one-liner jokes that it finds amusing. An independent comic book artist and shamelessly hammy impressionist, it spends its days taking film courses at York University and working in a wine store. Emily also takes great pride in its t-shirt collection and Flixster page... and one time it saw a blimp.

Hanna [production manager]

Hanna is a clothing/costume designer for the up and coming label Betty Monroe Designs and assistant ballet teacher for Pegasus Studios. She has been a part of the Shadow Cats since their formation in 2009. Besides helping initially with dance choreography for the show, she has also created many of the costumes worn by the cast.


Jenicka was born and raised in Etobicoke, but her heart will forever belong to the downtown Toronto core. She's a self procalimed "concert-whore" and can't leave a show without a taking good photograph of the band on stage. When she's not hanging out with the Shadow Cats, or selling Swedish furniture at her part-time job, you can find her at the nearest 7/11 inhaling her weakness, jumbo sourkeys. As damaged as her soul can seem, it's not as damaged as the bleached and pink-dyed hair on her head.

Kim [production manager]

Kim is a freelance production designer, illustrator and maker of creative crap. Her work is mostly under the artist moniker Pretty Poopie. Born in the Philippines, the urge to sing bad karaoke is strong in her blood, which, lucky for the audience, shadow casting doesn't involve real singing. Her film geek tendencies and love for musicals gravitated her towards taking up shadow casting as her after-day-job activitiy. When she is not organizing rehearsals for The Shadow Cats, Kim can be found customizing vinyl toys, drawing, collecting copious amounts of pornography and going on misadventures with her husband, Alex.


Kirsten was discovered by the Shadow Cats at the GeneCo Insane Asylum dancing on tables wearing tastefully sequined bits for her fellow inmates. She has a degree in fine art from OCAD, which was the root of her encarceration. She has lifelong theatrical experience in music, dance and freakshow. She also abuses acrylic paint for fun.


Laura is a clothing/costume designer for the emerging local label Betty Monroe Designs. She rarely stops sewing and has mostly given up on her hobby of sleep. When not creating clothing for her company, she often enjoys merging her love of comics and sci-fi with her costuming addiction... she is always on the lookout for any excuse to run around in a catsuit or cape. Laura was drawn into Repo! from the very beginning of the cast. Her long standing love of musicals and an utter incapability to sing made shadow casting a perfect outlet for her desire to perform on stage. Laura is also an aspiring burlesque performer and is proud to have debuted some of her acts with the Shadow Cats.


Lauren caught wind of Repo by having some of the shadowcats flyer at her old retail job on Queen west. She then later found out she was practically neighbours with one of them who then forced her to watch it whilst hungover. Since then she has never looked back. From singing the songs out loud in the shower, to re-enacting scenes to her unsuspecting friends, Repo! has become more and more a part of her daily life. She started out helping with lighting and later bagged herself some stage time. She was so excited about it that she refused to let a broken foot get in the way. On her spare time she likes to get herself out as much as possible doing make up and special fx. She also fancies herself an artist and is soon to be putting her talents to use again after a long break.

Leeland [promotions]

Leeland was born and raised in Toronto Ontario. He is an aspiring actor who has a passion for shadow casting. He is part of both the Repo cast and the Rocky Horror cast. He can be usually found in a jock strap or just plain nude because he believes that laughter is the best medicine... after nudity of course! He likes making costumes that usually have a tendency to break either after a show or during. He spends free time watching movies and making inappropriate comments that just happen to be funny. On request he will attempt his terrible looking tap dance for your enjoyment!


Max is a man who is famed for having his loquaciousness matched only by his taciturnity. Raised on a farm outside of Toronto, Max is fortunate in having fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a man with enough free time to do what he wants. His hobbies include writing funny haiku, handling snakes, and flirting with unavailable women.


When Natasha is not at hair school or working, you can guarantee that she is either eating ice cream or napping. Natasha loves being a geek-- nothing beats putting together a cosplay, or sitting around watching anime, or performing in a shadow cast of her favourite movie. She journeys from Oshawa every month to be a part of what she loves and after faithfully coming to the shows every month for a year, she finally joined!


Nicole was the subject of a secret government mind control experiment (the details of which are a bit murky) which left her with a love of geeky things and kitties. Naturally, this attracted her to the world of Repo! and the Shadow Cats! After two Repo! related tattoos and months of watching the Cats perform, Nicole finally decided to join up with the cast and testify on stage. She spends her free time reading, drawing and eating candy. She currently lives downtown with her two cats and attends George Brown.


Raish is one of the Shadow Cats' latest recruits, having finally gotten the nerve to TESTIFY to her love for Repo!, first obtained after a friend and fellow Sarah Brightman lover showed her the IMDb page. Being sheltered in Hong Kong for most of her life, she travelled to Toronto for a Specialist degree in English and a minor in Drama at University of Toronto, never realizing that she'd soon become a Shadow Cat. When she's not studying or writing essays at 4 in the morning, she can be found laughing hysterically and trading sarcastic quips with her friends, or in her dorm room writing poetry, singing off-key to musical soundtracks or dancing. Otherwise, she's filling in any role she can in the show, simply because she adores it all.


Tess Marie joined the Repo force later on in the game, but has been involved with general fandom for 8 years. She models for Nerd Girl Pinups as "Bad Wolf", and has been making her own Sci-Fi parodies on youtube for the past few years. She works for the completely fan run convention Polaris, and is looking forward to bringing Repo! there this year. Cosplay and Con junkie, she has also been attending sci-fi conventions in the GTA for the last several years, but every year looks forward to her meca, Dragon*Con! Too bad Atlanta runs a bit to warm for her Canadian blood.

Few fun facts: Star Wars > Star Trek, Puppies are Cute, and her favorite Doctor is Ten.


Veronica first joined the cast after she shot a documentary about The Shadow Cats called "Casting Shadows". The documentary was screened in a few film festivals across the city. She is currently having the time of her life making movies in film school.


Whitney spends her days painting art while also working on some amateur modeling and photography. With an enormous passion for film, music and hilarious friends, it's not a surprise that Whitney and Repo! were a match made in heaven. Whitney fell face first into the lap of Repo! when she was asked by a friend to fill in as the spotlight operator. What was supposed to be a one night stand soon turned into a full out love affair. After several months of lighting and a break, she returned to Repo!, but this time to strut her stuff on stage.


Zach is a film student and photographer from Toronto. Prior to joining the Shadow Cats, his first encounter with stage acting came in grade 6 when he was forcibly conscripted into a class production of The Wizard of Oz, an experience which continues to haunt him to this day. Despite this childhood trauma, he has managed to overcome his fear and is now willing to take on whatever the Cats can throw at him, whether the aisles need to be diligently patrolled, or the Repo Man needs another victim to eviscerate. In his free time, Zach attempts to manage an ever-growing camera collection and further his career as a "professional" photographer, whatever that means.

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